Born on Small Island, raised by his mother Old Lioness.

His older sister is Lavena who is part of the Lioness Tribe.

When his mother dies, Angus leaves his island of birth, seeking employment on Big Island.

He becomes the apprentice of Sa'Gan who senses magical abilities in him and trains him to become a magician. He falls in love with Sa'Gan's daughter Ta'Mar. However, in a rage Sa'Gan lays a curse on Angus. Angus' body becomes old and withered, at the same time invulnerable and (probably) immortal. There is more to the curse - as mentioned in Prologue 4 - the Last Fairy - but what exactly is yet unknown.

Model in Ultima Online: One of the many Gandalf's - in this particular case, the Gandalf who was part of the guild "Holy Halls of Wisdom" and became one of Tarragon's many lovers and her second husband.

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