Ruler of the lands north of the Collsward Mountains of the so called Town of Confedera and a scientist and resercher of necromancy. He was the first elected ruler of this town. Later he stoped all elections and occupied it with force by the help of his Guild, Die Ritter von Myth Drannor and some mercenaries. From this town he constantly worked on his plan to rule the whole world. Which finaly worked out a very long time later after many failures, when he overrun the last free town of Trinsic with his allies (Followers of Bathomed, Necromancers and a very large army of merceneries).

He claims to be of the same origin as his rival, King Garyot

Model in UO: Malagar Filligar (guild: Ritter von Myth Drannor)

Real-Life Model: nobody in particular

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